Monday, October 30, 2006

Eid in a graveyard

Well this time around I had a bit of different Eid. Usually I go to the Eid prayer with my Dad and my elder brother. This time I was alone as my Dad passed away last year. And my borther is in germany doing his higher studies. So this time I went alone. It was a different feeling. After namaj ended I had no one to have a eid hug. Well thats life for me at the moment, so slowly walked towards my home. Hugged my mom at home and was wondering to myself such a different and bad Eid I am having. But that was not all. Around 2:35 pm suddenly a sad news came by. My khalu expired just moments ago. We all rushed to thier place. My Khalu was sufferring from Brain cancer and he was in total bed rest for the last one year. One can say he was suffering badly. May Allah Bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Well so now come the formalities. Took khalu's dead body to the graveyard. A hole was digged for his burial. I got down in it and though to myself one day this is a place I will be coming as well. Everyone's final destination. It was a chilling experince all together.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Interesting coversation with CNG Driver

One rainy day on my way to the office, I was looking here and there to get a CNG I could find. After a long struggle in the rain I finally got a CNG and started off my journey. Well I thought to myself that since the weather is bad my colleage Tahmid bhai would be also in the same distress, so I called him and told him he could go with me. He was sleeping when I called him. Still he agreed to go with me so he asked me to wait for 5 minutes. Well I stopped the CNG in front of Tahmid bhais place ans started talking to the driver. He was a very entertaining guy. He started talking about couples who get in the CNG. He was telling me "Mamaaaa weather ta kintu prem korar jonoo jhakass.." I smiled away with his conversations and told him "ta ar boltte". I suddeny saw Tahmid bhai progressing towards our CNG so I waved at him, the CNG driver with anguish asked me you were waiting for this guy, I said yea. With a disappointing face he looked at me and said "aree mamaa ai polar jonno atoo khon wait korlam .. ar ami bhabselam maiya manus asbe... age janle je pola asbe .. opekha ee kortam na... ". I was shocked. Then suddenly I felt a bit dump ... by thinking right such a nice weather, having a grls accompany would have been so much better than Tahmid Bahi. hehhehe. " Even a CNG driver is disappointed with my life. "

Friday, October 13, 2006

Another day at the office.

For the last few days I am trying to upload a large file of size around 145MB. But failed several times because of the power failure we are having. So finally decided to upload the file in one of colleagues laptop. Started the upload. The plan worked fine and when I came in today I saw the upload was done. I just needed to do the following close the upload and when closing the upload, in its response the server where it is uploaded will generate an ID. This is the ID I will require to retrieve it back from the server. Following the steps I happiply closed the download and as expected a ID was generated and poped in the console. All's well till now. To copy ID from the console I clicked on the left corner of the cmd window from where I needed to select the mark option and then simply copy the ID. But !!!!!!!! But !!!!!!! My mouse betrayed me instead of single click, it gave me double click and the first option "Close" was clicked. Before my very eyes the cmd window closed taking away the ID I waited all night long to get. That is life .. you wait for something .. wait and wait... just when you see its just there . click and it has vanished. To my understanding this small pains in life is just to make me realise that the rest of the time I am not in pain. heheh ! I will stop my crap for today here. Fingers crossed and hope todays upload will be sucessful.

Monday, October 09, 2006

How I got over my frustration !

Last couple of days I was very depressed with my life and my coming future. I was mostly disappointed with my Uni CGPA which is a bit low (dont even expect I am going to publish it here). Anywayz for me the next coming years seemed very dark as I am uncertain to get any admission in any good university with my kind of CGPA. And GRE is another option but that is not my cup of a Tea. After all those frustrations you know.. how bad the day can get. But all in a sudden I was saved from all of my frustrations and agony when I started the TV. They were showing Bangladesh Cricket team playing against Srilanka. And at the end even though they were beaten badly by Sirlanka the Teams Captian claimed that they played pretty well and next time the will do even better. And that is the moment I came to realise no matter how bad you are its always worth a try and trying is what matters. Thanks to Bangladesh Cricket teams continous bad performance which lead me out of my frustration.