Monday, October 30, 2006

Eid in a graveyard

Well this time around I had a bit of different Eid. Usually I go to the Eid prayer with my Dad and my elder brother. This time I was alone as my Dad passed away last year. And my borther is in germany doing his higher studies. So this time I went alone. It was a different feeling. After namaj ended I had no one to have a eid hug. Well thats life for me at the moment, so slowly walked towards my home. Hugged my mom at home and was wondering to myself such a different and bad Eid I am having. But that was not all. Around 2:35 pm suddenly a sad news came by. My khalu expired just moments ago. We all rushed to thier place. My Khalu was sufferring from Brain cancer and he was in total bed rest for the last one year. One can say he was suffering badly. May Allah Bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Well so now come the formalities. Took khalu's dead body to the graveyard. A hole was digged for his burial. I got down in it and though to myself one day this is a place I will be coming as well. Everyone's final destination. It was a chilling experince all together.

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Munaz said...

Allah tomar Baba and Khalu ke Jannat Bashi koruk. SHune khubi kharap laglo but this is what is the reality. karo ekdike thakle onno dike onno kisu missing thake.. Etai prokritir nirmom reality and Khel.

You could have called me .. Ami to pashei chilam.. Call die eshe porte parta..or amake janate parta ami chole jete partam.. Eid er din ta boring gese.. at least kisu bhalo kaaz e time pass hoto.. kisui korar chilo na ..

May Allah keep your mom well.
Feeling sorry after all.